Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day 2008(LATE POSTING!)

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas....
Okay,this post was supposed to be written on Christmas day,but I'm late >.<
Erm,I kinda drafted myself to help out with the F&B yesterday,after the Christmas service in church.Well,since I hadn't much to do BEFORE the service,I wandered around....
-And met Yoke Khuan. -And hung out with him. -And he went somewhere and I lost him. -And went to look for P***Y(her name's censored cuz she'll freak out) -And gave her a Christmas present,I got one from her too -And ran off in case her brother saw me(which he did anyway,arghhhhh). -And I saw the girl I have a major crush on and gave her and her good friend(also my friend) their presents Okay,that's enough "ands" already =P.So after that,I saw Keng Gin,asked him to sit with me.It so happened that my first crush(my close friends will know who she is) and her good friend(AND mum and brother...bummer) was sitting on the next row to the left of mine(Closer....closer...closer....hehehe). Well,I thought,"Hehe....lucky me".Then Keng Gin(God bless his soul xD)complained that it was harder to breathe in that area(he has asthma)...OMG,I was pretty despondent..."NOOO,WHY ME???"...I had to choose between loyalty to a fei lo friend(get it?Fei Lo friend...fellow friend xD) and being near a girl I really like(A LOT)...and,guess what I chose?((jeng jeng jeng....scroll down to see my choice...) .... .... .... .... The "fellow" friend(well,I'd say I get better privileges...PSP...PSP...PSP....^_^) yeah,I followed him the balcony seating area....not much to mention about up there,(I've gotta confess and repent :P)apart from the fact that I was playing with Keng Gin's PSP most of the time...hehehe.....oh,and I saw Kelly and Krystin(Kenneth too) it just me,or do they come back to Malaysia every December? Hm,anyway....after the service I helped out with the food tables(finger food was provided) in the Sports Centre...blah and blah and blah.....okay,as I was leaving for home(with my dad who was also helping out),I saw this:
Some unfortunate shoe has lost its sole...may it rest in peace... xD(I know it's lame...hahaha)
Also,we had a family gathering(mom's side,but she didn't go) last night in Joseph's(my cousin) house to celebrate are some pics...
Chocolate Fondue...I like :D
Gee Kim (Auntie Janet) looks like Mrs Claus...hehehe
Gee Ku(Uncle Chee Yong) reading
(l-r)My dad,Yvonne,Elaine,and Bei Yee(Auntie Rebecca)
Joel da computer genius :P
Chalice Bridge Shiraz Red Wine...heehee...
"Just eat it,eat it...." xD
Gee Yee(Auntie Siok Sin).Joel,and Elaine
And of course,all the "lovely" presents I received from various people. xD
A book.... Kinder Surprise Egg Shoe keychain-cum-mini clock

Penguin! ^_^


  1. Hey ..nice pixs :-) especially like those photos you took of single items ( penguin , book etc .. ) :-) and candid shots of chee yong etc .. .wait till he see them ..ha ha ...

    hmm... we forgot to take a group photo , ya ..

    so , who's the girl you like very much ? :-) share , share ..

  2. Anyway,Auntie Siok Sin said we'll take a full group pic on the 18th of January..another celebration....