Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Apologetics and a Greeting


First of all,before I begin,I would like to state that I'm not very good at blogging....well,as those who know me can attest,I'm a pretty introverted sort of fellow...and also very secretive....so this does kind of hamper my blogging efforts...I guess I've gotta change my ways >.<

But hey,the blog must go on.No more procrastinating!Oh yeah,if you guys(and girls) notice,my posts tend to be rather....how should I put it....contrasting...erm,conflicting....in terms of my usage of dialects/mannerisms and styles of writing.

That's SO me.I'm pretty schizophrenic,in case you didn't know.Of course I'm not MAD,but it's just that I'm rather...unique,as I would put it.

Love me or hate me,that's all up to you.What matters isn't what people say about me(although I DO value constructive criticism),but rather,what I am on the inside.

Oh my goodness,I've been rambling on and on about nothing in particular.Argh.But hey,nothing wrong with that eh? =)

I write poetry(which you can view upon request,as I'm rather concerned about plagiarism),FYI.

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