Thursday, August 20, 2009

First post in a LONG time.

Hey everyone.I know I haven't posted anything since the end of July,sorry about that. Anyway,here's a nugget of info for you. I'll be going on a mission trip this Saturday(22nd of August) for 1 week(till the 29th of August),to Sarawak,under DUMC(my church).So yeah.During the school holidays.Do pray for me,guys,as this will be my 1st mission trip,and I really don't know what to expect,so yeah.... I'll be preaching a sermon on God as Our Healer too,during the trip.
Some prayer points are... A. Iban people/tribe
  • Pray that the spirit of complacency and "not-bothered attitude" to be broken and dispelled from the Iban's hearts
  • Pray for receptiveness of heart towards the Word and for local leaders amongst them will rise up.
  • Pray that the Lord will soften the spritual soil in Nangan Ngungun. For good weather and rain as the area is constantly dry.
  • For God to bless the team with divine appointments with the heads of longhouses that the Lord wants us to minister, bless and meet. For favour from the heads that the team will be allowed to do ministry in the various longhouses.
  • Pray against the spirit of pride amongst the Ibans (being the largest tribe in Sarawak) that the people will be humble to receive the word from the Lord. That God will use their sense of pride for them to stand up for the Word of the Lord and to not be ashamed of the gospel.
  • Pray that they will be a leading tribe in Sarawak & Malaysia to unite the body of Christ amongst all tribal groups in Malaysia. That they will fight for the rights of the Orang Asli in Malaysia, with God's leading.

B. Sarawak Mission Team (22-29 August 2009)

  • Pray for every team members to be able to operate spirit of discernment and word of knowledge (Anthony Kong (Team Leader), Edith Lim (Asst. Leader), Lydia Minjoot & Samuel Ang) ; that the team will bring the kingdom of God to the Iban people in Nangan Ngungun and Kanowit according to the Holy Spirit's leading
  • Pray for every team members to be able to speak boldly and with courage the word of God that will cause an inmpact on the lives of the Ibans Pray for the team members to operate under the annointing of the Holy Spirit during every services conducted
  • Pray for every team members to be able to hear clearly from God on what to speak and do
  • For protection over the team and their families at home, that God's covering will be upon them during the span of the mission trip. For good health for the team before, during and after the mission trip.
  • For team unity in our actions and spirit as well as bearing with one another in love as each have different temperaments and backgrounds.
  • For good teamwork between the local pastors and the mission team while we are ministering there.
  • For wisdom and favour as we prepare to go to Nangan Ngungun and Kanowit. For the team to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading. For heart and spiritual preparation to bless the Ibans. For God's continuing transformation in each one's spiritual walk with Him throughout the mission trip.
  • For God-inspired sermons/messages/teaching as the team conducts the Youth Camp in Kanowit, that the team will bring a rhema word in season for the youths there.
  • Also for wisdom and guidance to teach English as the team conducts the English Camp in Nangan Ngungun.

For Him!God Bless Y'all.