Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baptism(23/05/2009).I died.

Yay.I got baptised at church yesterday,during the service.Of course,I was not the only individual who entered the water.There were about 40+ of us.The baptismal service is usually held on a Sunday,but since the majority of those getting baptised this round were youth,they held it on a Saturday,as our youth group meeting's held on that day
The Reverend conducting the ceremony(a guest from another church) couldn't pronounce Chinese names properly,so those of us in the line had a good laugh whenever he pronounced the name of one of our friends wrongly.Haha.
And the majority of us were nervous to the core.It's public,after all.Cracking jokes and stuff
Example 1
Amanda:Sarah's the last person.OMG,hehe.
Jon:The last person to go in will be lucky.She's gonna receive all the "blessing"...from the others who went in earlier."Clean water" xD
Example 2:
Amanda:Does anyone have the flu?
Hannah:Swine flu!Swine flu!
Everyone:Laughing even more.
Example 3:
Vincent/Jon:Don't forget to remove your handphones from your pockets.
Amanda:Nah,if it gets drenched,we'll have holy phones.
Me:Yah,and the ringtone will echo Handel's Messiah(starts singing)
I was running around barefooted before the service xD.Cuz i had no slippers,and my shoes were in the locker.Begging for shoes on purpose just to annoy people.
Me:Please help....need shoes...will work for shoes(grovelling at Daniel Yeap's feet)
Daniel yeap:No!Shoo,go away you filthy creature!
And when I entered the water...oh my goodness.It was so....COLD after that.Well,the water itself was fine,but when I emerged I was freezing my arse off.
Oh,and we also became official members of DUMC.Had to take a pledge of sorts on the stage. (:
Overall,it was fun,but super tiring.I slept at 11:30 pm,which is early for me.Teehee.

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