Monday, March 2, 2009

Love Blight

A "friend" of mine,who happened to be dating the son of a Pastor,got dumped.Heh.Oh,my heart bleeds for you.Yeah,right.As if.Let me be honest: I DON'T GIVE A DAMN Screw you girl.You too,OH-SO-HIGH-AND-MIGHTY son of a Pastor. Having a boyfriend at the age of 12,what were you thinking?That you really loved him?Aww.How touching.You're too young to know what love is...IMBECILE.FOOL. To the boy too.I have no sympathy for you.Come on.You just ASSUMED she was FLIRTING with other people behind your back,when it was clearly NOT the BLOODY case!Your suspicion truly knows no bounds.Just ROT,you filth.And you're going out with her childhood friend. I sincerely hope your current "girlfriend" tears your heart out.Not literally,though that would be nice too. There is a Black Plague called Love.No true romance,love is dead.Screw the world,it's full of shit.

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