Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's DAYYYYYY!!!

Valentine's Day(Belated) Okay,it's a bit late to post it....(V-day was yesterday),but yeah...
I didn't do much on Valentine's Day....
Well anyway,our church youth group organized an event called "Wedding Makeover".I don't have any pics of it tho...(Suzanne,can I have the
pictures please? >.<)
Pastor Victor Wong and his wife Auntie Kelly were the guest speakers for the event.They touched upon the whole area of marriage and its vows,the significance and symbolism of seemingly minor details and so forth.I honestly found it
really enlightening
We also conducted a "mock wedding" ceremony.The bride and bridegroom were Yuan Wei(is the spelling correct?) and Sereena...teehee. OMG,Lynn looked SO convncing as the Nyonya mother-in-law of the groom.And Justine from our CG was one of the (very pretty) bridesmaids.
It was a major blast!Oh,and I won the best-dressed award for the male category ^_^.My prize was a RM10 Starbucks voucher.Here are some pics

Success Factor: My suit...(blue tie and long-sleeved shirt not in the picture)


The Starbucks voucher that I won! ^_^

A V-day special cupcake from the church canteen =D.So nice!


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